The Quiet One RV & Travel Trailer Park! 

Checkout time is 11:00am

Daily: $ 45.00

Weekly: $150.00 + Electricity at $0.16/kwh

Monthly: Starting at $275.00 + Electricity at $0.16/kwh


All rates are based on maximum occupancy of 2 people per site. Additional people are charged $5.00/day, $25.00/week or $65.00/month. All extra people must be registered at the office. Unregistered guests will be charged twice the aforementioned rate.

Weekly renters may extend for $25.00/day and monthly renters may extend for $15.00/day.

Rent must be paid the morning it is due. If you are late, a $25.00 late fee will also be assessed.



All Offsite Storage of RV is $30.00/month.

WI-FI internet service is available free of charge.

We sell ice - $2.00/bag

Local TV stations are: 3, 6, 9, 10 and 12. Cable TV is not available.

Emergency:  911 - Give address:  600 West James Street and your site number.





?         Campsites must be clear of debris and clutter at all times.

?         Water should be conserved at all times.

?         No cutting or removal of trees or shrubs without management’s permission.

?         No digging without permission from management.

?         No flower beds, gardens or fences are allowed. Potted plants are allowed.  Anything planted in the ground becomes property of the park.

?         All mobile homes will be skirted.

?         All mobile homes and RVs will be maintained in an “as new” condition.

?         All construction will meet with approval of management.

?         No contractors will be allowed unless licensed, bonded and insured.

?         Do not leave cigarette butts on ground.

?         Management assumes no responsibility for loss due to fire, theft or accidents.


?         Speed limit in the park is 10 mph. You are responsible for your guests complying.

?         No driving through lots.

?         No parking on roads, vacant/neighboring campsites or other areas not designated for parking.

?         Park in designated areas only.

?         There will be no washing of vehicles in the park.

?         You may wash your RV once at no charge.

?         No repairing of vehicles (unless emergency) permitted in the park.

?         When working on boat motor or using water, do not leave water running.

?         All work on boats will be done near the fish cleaning station or in the storage lot.

?         Boats will be kept in the storage lot at no charge as long as you are renting a site.

?         All vehicles/trailers must be insured.

?         A maximum of 2 automobiles will be allowed per lot where space is available. All others will be placed in storage lot and charged the monthly rate.

?         Trailers older than 15 years cannot be sold on site or brought seasonally, into the campground. Exceptions may be provided at management’s discretion.

?         Management cannot be responsible for property lost, stolen or damaged.

Children & Visitors:

?         All visitors must register upon entering the park.

?         This is an adult park, but children are allowed to visit.

?         Visitors are required to pay visitor fees in accordance with published rates. Unregistered guests will be charged twice the daily visitor rate.

?         Each camper is responsible for his/her visitors and must acquaint them with the rules of the park.

?         Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult in the office, laundry room and swimming pool area.


?         Place garbage in tied plastic bags and put in the dumpster.

?         Crush boxes before putting in dumpster.

?         Disposal of large articles of garbage such as appliances, bicycles, barbecues, beds, etc. are your responsibility and expense. They are not to be left in or near the dumpster. Please see management regarding oversized items and where you may dispose of them.

?         DO NOT PUT IN DUMPSTER!  Fish remains and bait do not go in the dumpster.  Dispose of properly…return to the bay or take to the back of the property.

Alcohol & Drugs:

?         Illegal use of drugs of any type will result in the immediate termination of park use and/or police intervention.


?         Pets are welcome as long as they are kept on a leash at all times. No retractable leashes allowed.

?         Two pets are permitted per site.

?         Pets must be cleaned up after immediately. Waste should be put in securely tied plastic bags and deposited in dumpster.

?         Dogs must be walked in storage area only.

?         No pets allowed in any park buildings, swimming pool area or on other campsites.

?         Do not leave dogs tied up outside when you leave your RV.

?         Excessive barking will not be tolerated.

?         Do not allow dogs to dig holes. If they do, it is your responsibility to fill the holes.

?         At park owner’s discretion any pet can be banned from the park.

?         Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers, German Shepherds and Chows are not allowed in the park due to insurance policy.


Washrooms, Showers and Laundry Room:

?         Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult in these areas.

?         Please advise children these building are not play areas.

?         Show consideration for others who will use the facilities after you by leaving them neat and clean.

?         When leaving any of the buildings, be sure faucets are off and not dripping, lights are turned off and doors are securely closed

?         The use of private washers and dryers are not permitted in RVs


Toilets & Drains:

?         We have septic systems, NOT sewers. Special measures are necessary to ensure a functioning system. DO NOT dispose of sanitary napkins, tampons, diapers, condoms, paper towels, bleach, grease, paint, thinners, other chemicals, wooden matches or similar non-dissolving solids in any toilet or drain.

?         Use single-ply, white toilet tissue only.

?         Screw-in sewer connections are required.

?         All water and sewer connections must be leak free.



?         Above all else be neighborly.

?         Practice good camping manners by respecting the property and privacy of other individuals. Do not take shortcuts through other campsites.

?         Any aggressive action toward another person or violation of any federal, state or county laws by a camper or his/her guests will result in immediate eviction.

?         Foul language and swearing are prohibited.

?         If music, discussion or any other noise disturbs either your neighbors or the owner, it is too loud. The rights of all campers to enjoy peace and quiet are to be expected.

?         Quiet time is from 10pm - 7am.  NO EXCEPTIONS 

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to speak with management.



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